In densely populated urban areas, houses are being built on smaller and smaller lots. In recent decades, the kitchens have seen the most changes. They are used not only for preparing meals but also to host guests. This fundamental part of the home is increasingly looking for innovative solutions, whether by integrating other areas of the house or designing a super-functional counter.

Therefore, We have gathered some tips to help you design an attractive small kitchen that provides a space where meals can be shared and prepared.

Unexpected Materials

Kitchens can be used to experiment with new materials or compositions. The small kitchen in House Transformation in Lavapies by KRI is an area for socialization. (Synanthro), Love Shack, Teleworking Abode was designed by Husos Architects and features a 4-meter-high living-kitchen area. Colorful joints in the kitchen and the contrast between textures and colors create a striking materiality.

No Cabinets

For budgetary or access reasons, kitchens can rely on open shelves instead of cabinets. A dynamic design with different heights is an excellent solution for storing other items and providing space for decorative elements or plants.

Monochromatic Environment

In many homes, the kitchen and living area are combined. Monochromatic solutions can separate one room from another, thereby composing the space. SKNYPL left the kitchen floor as white micro cement in Ann’s apartment. They also painted the furniture and walls the same color to contrast the surrounding area’s oak flooring and exposed concrete slab.

Color Match

Alvorada Arquitetos’ extension of the Apartment Building shows that the kitchen is a place to cook and can be colorful and fun.


Islands make the space more efficient. Here, 5 Architects show off a subtle palette of birch and white Corian. The area is dominated by a bench containing most of the program.

Space Integration

There are several ways to integrate the kitchen with other environments. You can create a dialogue with the exterior using large openings like in Palco House, designed by Cecchi Millan. This solution provides more natural lighting and a more comfortable user environment.


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