Are you looking for a way to protect your child from being injured by sharp objects? We tested and purchased 6 of the most popular and best edge guards available today in order to find the most efficient and effective guarding solution for any situation. We analyze various factors such as ease of installation, durability, and how well they do their job. This review of edge guards will help you choose the best option to meet your needs while also being affordable.

The top-ranked list of baby safety and health gear includes everything from babyproofing to what you can do when your child is feeling unwell.

1. Best Overall Edge Guard

Roving cove babyproofing edge corner protector

Roving Cove Corner Protector provides a simple set of corner and edge protection. The set includes eight foam corner guards and 18 feet of foam. It is easy to install, and the foam’s adhesive backing works well. The foam comes in three colors and is free from BPA, phthalates, and heavy metals. It also contains no latex or SCCPs. This product does one thing well.

The adhesive, like all adhesives, can fail over time if it is not used properly or if it is applied aggressively. This is also true for any edge guard since they are all installed with adhesive. Corner protectors work well and are easy to install.

2. Best On A Budget: Edge Guard

Bebe earth – Edge and corner guard protectors set

The Bebe – Edge and Corner Guard Set includes 20 feet of edge protection, eight corner protectors, and a door bumper. The adhesive strip is separate from the foam in this set, allowing it to be applied before the foam cover. The foam adheres to US and EU safety standards for children and is BPA- and phthalate free, should your child decide to taste it. The foam looks great, we love the cute cow door bumper, and it’s easy to install. This kit contains the longest straight-edged linear feet of foam, which makes it essential for long-term placements.

We imagine that while the adhesive roll may be more convenient for some people, others might find it frustrating. The edge guard comes in three different colors, but it appears that only the white version includes the adorable door bumper. This is disappointing. We love the set, and even without the door bumper, you can get more protection with the longer foam at a good price.

3. Best Corner Guard

Corner guards by sure basics

The Sure Basics corner guards come in a set of 8 corner protectors. They are thick enough to prevent any bumps or falls. These corner pieces can be used to protect children from sharp edges on furniture, counters, and other surfaces.

Even though we did not experience this during our testing, any glue can fail under the right conditions. You should be careful when installing, and do not expect good results on surfaces with a lot of texture. We think that these corner protectors can be a great addition to your childproofing arsenal, especially if you are concerned about sharp corners.

4. The Perfect Fireplace Hearth

Kidkusion hearth cushion

The KidKusion Hearth Cushion provides edge and corner protection for fireplaces. This foam kit comes with a closed-cell, crinkle-free foam that has a double-sided Velcro backing. This foam is made in the USA, free of BPA and phthalates. It also has no odor and does not contain latex. The hearth-specific cushion comes in two colors and has a semi-beveled edge, which looks a bit fancier than most other guards. The foam looks good and is easy to install.

This edge protector will only function in certain situations. It is thin and not as strong as some other products. To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you measure your space and check your fireplace hearth to ensure compatibility. If it’s the right choice for your home, it can make hearths safer for children.

5. Best Clear Corners

Calmyotis corner protector

The CalMyotis Corner Protector is a soft, clear PVC corner protector. These protectors do not contain phthalates, BPA, or other chemicals. They also don’t have toxic fire retardants. Each corner comes with a pre-installed clear adhesive that is easy to install and works well. (You may need to use a hairdryer for the glue). These corner guards are unobtrusive and look great. They are a good option for people who want corner guards but don’t like the ugly foam alternatives.

These guards do not have the soft, squishy feel of foam protectors. While you can prevent point-related injuries with this, it doesn’t offer the same level of impact protection as a buffer. If aesthetics is your priority, corner protectors can protect children from injuries caused by sharp corners.

6. Clear Ultra-small Corner Protection

Heelalbaby safety corner protectors

This set of 16 corner guards in L-shape and eight ball shapes include the Heelalbaby safety corner protectors. These guards come in a clear, non-toxic PVC that protects little ones against sharp corners. The collection is more adhesive than the previous version and can be easily removed without leaving any residue. It’s nice that the collection comes with eight additional adhesive strips in case you want to change or move your guards. The protectors have a soft and flexible feel. The protectors are easy to use and look good.

Installing requires that you hold the device in place for one minute. It takes longer than you expect. These guards are also not soft, and while they may prevent stab injuries or skin breaks, you could still receive bumps and bruises. This contender is a good option for people who aren’t concerned with the level of protection they need and just want to look nice.

Why You Should Trust Us

Bob Wofford, Senior Review Analyst at the Consumer Reports and a father of seven is leading this review. He has done extensive research into edge protection and childproofing. Bob has been our go-to test for seven years. Edge guards were chosen with safety and effectiveness in mind. They were also tested on ease of installation and their ability to work effectively on different surfaces.

Analysing Test Results

In our testing conglomerate for childproofing, we tested six top edge guard competitors. We tested each edge guard for its ease of installation, longevity, and effectiveness in protecting children from potential injuries.

Safety first

No childproof device can be perfect. However, childproofing early in parenthood is important. You should still keep an eye on your child to prevent any injuries, even if the childproofing product fails to hold up to the toddler’s rigors.

Easy of use

The edge guards are a simple peel-and-stick installation. The majority of edge guards have a 3M adhesive back, which works well no matter what variety or style you choose. If you try to apply any adhesive to a surface that is dirty or has a lot of texture, it will fail. Otherwise, we had no problems.

Another consideration would be to cut the edge of the piece so that it fits the desired location. The corner pieces don’t need to be modified, but the edge pieces will. The majority of products can be cut to size, and we had no trouble using ordinary scissors to do so. It’s only a matter of removing the adhesive backing and placing the protector correctly. It’s stuck. Even if you pull it off and reposition it, there will be an area that won’t stay in place.

It is best to measure twice, cut once, and then peel off the backing of the adhesive a small amount at a time. In this way, you will not accidentally create a non-sticky edge while rushing to complete what is supposed to be a simple and straightforward task but, in reality, requires more attention to detail. Corner pieces are much easier to apply than long edges, and the silicone corner bumpers almost apply themselves. Save yourself some headaches and use pre-created corner pieces if you can resolve your safety issue with a single piece. If you have a long edge, use one piece for safety and ease of installation.


It is important to use the product as instructed in the correct locations. This will help prevent accidents. A tight-fitting edge protector can be the difference between a bump that doesn’t hurt and the need for stitches. Edge guards are prone to failure due to improper installation, where they were not used as intended or without properly preparing the area. This can lead to either unintentional injury or adhesive failure.

Choking hazard

You may find that your child is chewing on or picking the foam guards. This happens because many children find soft objects mesmerizing. We strongly recommend replacing any damaged edges as soon as possible. The foam bits can pose a choking risk to children and babies who ingest them accidentally or on purpose. Even if your childproofing measures are effective, you must supervise babies.

The foam guards can be a choking hazard if damaged. Although it did not happen during our tests, we can see that the foam could pose a choking risk if damaged.

The second failure occurs when children spend time pulling, picking, or playing with the foam edge. The foamy edges are irresistible to some kids, who find them like moths attracted to a fire. We encourage parents to keep an eye on their children and to redirect them if the bumpers are too appealing. The childproof device will last longer if you don’t pull, pick, or play with it excessively.


It is a necessary part of parenting, even though it’s not fun. You may need to use childproofing products to prevent injuries and death, depending on your lifestyle. While nothing can replace adult supervision for children who are always on the go, childproofing is a great way to keep them safe. You can protect your child from head and eye injuries by finding the best corner and edge protectors. We’ve reviewed many of the best-rated products to help you choose the right protection for your budget and application.     For more details –

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