Do You Need A Home Inspection On A New Build?

A new construction house can be a very exciting experience. There is a lot of things to consider during the construction/buying process, from choosing your custom finishes to designing your new living space. You should not forget to have a home inspector inspect your newly constructed home.

If you ask yourself whether a new home needs a home inspection, the answer will always be Yes. It is not enough to do a final walk through with the builder. A professional home inspection will look out for your interests and alert you of any potential problems with the home. Here are five important reasons to consider a home inspection for new construction:

1. Even new homes are not perfect.

A home is built with a lot of different materials, contractors and construction methods. Up to 10,000 components can be found in a standard-sized home. With so many variables, it is common for things to go unnoticed or be overlooked.

Here are a few of the issues that we have found during our construction inspections.

  • Missing soffits can allow pests into your living area and attic.
  • Plumbing leaks behind exterior siding
  • Roof flashings that are missing or inadequate can cause moisture damage
  • Roof shingles that are loose or incorrectly installed
  • Electrical problems such as incorrect wiring and inoperable outlets
  • Reverse-plumbed fittings where hot water is turned on when the cold faucet is open, and vice versa

The homeowner was able to fix these issues before moving in.

Builders will tell you the house is covered by warranty. Wait until after you move in to check if there are any problems. Electrical, roofing, etc. are not things that most homeowners can identify. Homeowners are not equipped to identify problems because they lack the necessary tools or cannot access roofs like an inspector. It is important to get an Inspection but why wait almost a whole year before addressing any issues that may arise?

2. Before you move in, have any issues fixed.

No one wants to move in to a new house only to have to deal with more construction. The dust, noise, and debris that can result from ongoing repairs are a nuisance. You will probably need to make some minor repairs after you move in. However, the builder should correct any major issues before taking occupancy.

3. The county inspection and the home inspection are two very different things.

Inspectors for local municipalities are city/county inspectors. The inspectors are responsible for ensuring that all new construction adheres to the minimum building codes. While inspecting the future home, home inspectors are working for you. They follow Standards of Practice as well as code of ethics. Our comprehensive inspection covers everything our home inspection does.

The county inspectors can be very busy. They may conduct as many as twenty inspections per day. Our inspections typically take up to four hours, plus additional time for the report .

4. The building codes frequently defer to the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

Building codes ensure that homes are built safely and reliably. The codes are usually based on a set of basic standards. Installation of certain components (e.g. James Hardie siding), requires that they be installed according to the manufacturer’s specification. These specifications can be unknown by the code inspector or builder, resulting in items being installed incorrectly. Even the best builders can overlook certain issues when there are so many moving parts in a new home construction. A home inspector can provide unbiased third-party eyes to the house.

5. Avoid costly repairs

Home inspectors are often hired by buyers when it comes time to sell a once-new house. The home inspection report could reveal issues that were not apparent at the time of construction. You will have to correct these problems because the one-year warranty of your builder has likely expired. Do not let these items pass unnoticed. You may end up with an expensive repair.

When Should I Schedule My New Construction Home Inspection?

That’s easy! Contact us by phone, email or text to schedule your Home inspection in Clark County NV and the surrounding areas, including Duval, St. Johns Clay, Nassau and all counties. We provide free Home Inspection quotes with no obligations.

Are you buying or selling a house in the Jacksonville FL region? The home inspection includes a comprehensive examination of all components and systems of the house. Read our Jacksonville FL customer reviews . We are always available to answer your questions whether they come weeks, months, or years after the home inspection.

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