Text description provided to us by the architects. Las Piedras Fasano, a hospitality facility in Punta del Este, Uruguay. The complex comprises private homes, hotel bungalows, and other amenities, including a spa, an equestrian center, golf and polo grounds, and a 3-km stretch of beach on the riverside Arroyo Maldonado. It is spread over 480 acres and is dominated by a dramatic, dazzling landscape, which includes arid and rocky terrain with sparse, low vegetation. The landscape inspired the former owner to build his house and studio using the rocks in the area. We knew that the buildings, rustic and unique in their artistry, should be preserved when we arrived at our first land reconnaissance.

We decided to spread the units that make up the complex into isolated modules, which “landed” naturally on the terrain. This was to prevent the construction of large buildings from interfering with the landscape. The ancient house was chosen to host the reception of the hotel and the Las Piedras Restaurant, while the Fasano Restaurant is located in the studio.

The old home of the former owner was completely renovated and expanded to accommodate the Las Piedras Restaurant, where guests can enjoy breakfast and lunch. The Las Piedras Restaurant occupies a whole wing of the U-shaped structure. It has tables in a salon, which opens onto a small patio, and a veranda opens to a small balcony.

The FASANO Restaurant (4220 sqft).

The studio was renovated with minimal interventions. It was built at the highest point on the property, offering a prime view of the surrounding area.

The SWIMMING POL and BAR (1180sqft).

We placed the swimming pool on a high land area with views of the surrounding landscape. This was done to take advantage of the natural depression of the rocks. We placed a container made of corten steel next to it for the changing rooms, lounge, and bar serving the swimming pool guests.


The spa in Fasano Las Piedras is a rectangular concrete volume with a single story. Rooms are around the perimeter, leaving an indoor garden open in the middle of the building. All circulations revolve around this central space. Serenity can be felt all around, thanks to the materials used and the filtered light from the skylights and windows in the rooms and halls. The spa includes treatment rooms, a dry and wet Sauna, a Swimming Pool, Relaxation Room, and a Private Suite.

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