The process of hiring a housekeeper – especially for the first time – isn’t an easy task. The first thing to remember is that you’re inviting an outsider into your home to view your private space in its most filthy. Most people don’t invite guests into a home that is filthy, so inviting someone you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting can be more frightening.

Additionally, there’s an abundance of rules and etiquette to follow when it comes to housekeeping. You’ll have to learn how to talk to your housekeeper, give the guidance and suggestions and help them make their job simpler in small ways and hopefully create a mutually beneficial long-term relationship that makes you feeling satisfied and happy with your home – as well as your cleaner happy with their efforts to keep the place neat.

In this article, we’ll be exploring a big issue we get asked a lot when new customers sign up for their first clean-up and tip their house cleaner. In the end, we’d like to reward cleaners for doing an excellent job.

Below is a guide for tipping your house cleaner which includes what you should tip pay a tip in addition to how much you should tip. This guide will help answer your questions and will leave you feeling more secure for that initial clean (of likely many).

Do You Tip House Cleaners?

One of the first concerns you ask when hiring cleaning service providers is, do you pay your house cleaners?

In the field of service the idea of tipping a housekeeper is definitely a grey zone. There’s no correct or incorrect answer, in part since the practice of giving tips to cleaners isn’t something that everybody follows, as is tipping a server at a restaurant as an example.

Although it’s not as popular as tipping a server at a restaurant and your house cleaner, it is an event that occurs and is heavily dependent on you as a homeowner, the frequency at which you give service providers tips of all sorts and obviously – how pleased that you feel with the service you get.

Another point worth mentioning is that it’s based on the cleaning service you select, because some of them have specific rules concerning tips. It’s an excellent idea to inquire with your cleaning service for any suggestions such as this one! Specific to their services and cleaning staff.

How Much to Tip Your House Cleaner

Your cleaner did a fantastic job. All is spotless; there is not a single speck of dust can be seen on the surface. Therefore, you’d like to express your appreciation. The next question is: what is the amount you should tip an expert housekeeper?

The typical tip is between 15% and 20 percent of the price cost of the service, as you would with other services. If, however, you employ a regular cleaning service you can be able to show your appreciation by giving them different gestures like an annual reward, baked cookies or a gift card or tickets to the game of baseball You get the idea. One of our clients that we have regularly is a top concert pianist, who frequently gives tickets to his concerts at his usual cleaner!

Other FAQ About Tipping a House Cleaner

We’re aware that this is an issue that can be a bit tense We’ve got information regarding tipping your house cleaners. Don’t worry if anything catches you by surprise!

Do You Have to Tip Your House Cleaner?

There’s no need to give a house cleaner a tip. Like we mentioned earlier, it’s just a gesture (but an extremely appreciated one! ).

Yet, some businesses do not pay minimum wages and their housekeepers rely heavily on tips to earn an adequate income. If your budget permits it and you think that your housekeeper has done well and you are satisfied with their work, don’t hesitate to express your appreciation. We pay our staff very well, to allow them to survive on their earnings without relying on tips. We also offer bonuses to our staff whenever they receive positive reviews from their customers. in case you’re unable to pay your cleaner a gratuity be sure to leave them a positive review, and they’ll receive some extra cash!

In deciding whether to give a tip to be a good or bad person, it might be beneficial to look at the following factors:

Do you have a house that needs cleaning on a regular basis? service or does the housekeeper visit at least once per week? (You may need to adjust your tips or the amount of tip you pay depending on the frequency of cleaning.)
If it was a once-off clean-up, was the person who cleaned it make sure it was spotless? (Often cleanings that are only once-off are more intense and therefore could be more deserving of a tip.)
All of these aspects will assist you in deciding how much you should tip the housekeeper.

Do You Tip House Cleaners Every Time?

In line with a question in the last paragraph the following question is aimed at homeowners with a family member to who helps them on a regular basis Do you give a tip to the housekeepers each when they show up?

Not necessarily. Tipping a housekeeper is a nice gesture that shows gratitude for the work they’ve accomplished. You can keep it in mind to use when you realize that your housekeeper is more than you expected. It is also possible to give an enormous tip at the close of the year for the holiday season.

There are numerous ways you can thank someone without the act of tipping.

Who Do You Give Your House Cleaner’s Tip To?

If you hire a cleaning service, you should pay your cleaner directly. But, this may differ in accordance with the company you hire and the cleaning service’s preferred method. You might have to add an additional tip on your app in the future or appear in the estimate for the service you scheduled.

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