Our Professionals have a lot of experience when it comes to mounting your TV on the wall! You may be a regular visitor to our blog and know that wall mounting TVs is best left to professionals. However, if you decide to do it yourself, here are some tips to get you started.

The Pros Share Their Tips And Tricks For TV Mounting Services!

The benefits of wall mounting your television are many, including better viewing distance, less clutter, and natural viewing angles. However, the mounting process itself can be difficult. Many homeowners attempt to install their TVs themselves, despite the difficulty. If you are one of them, here are some tips that will help.

Before we share our tips and tricks, we have to warn you about the dangers of installing your wall-mounted TV yourself.

Let’s move on to some tips and tricks for making your project easier.

Invest in a solid TV wall mount!

It can be hard to choose the right¬†TV bracket¬†for your requirements. You may be tempted by the cheaper brackets because they are more affordable. Please don’t. The cheaper brackets will not last as long as more durable and expensive ones. Do not be fooled, you do not have to spend a lot of money on the most expensive bracket, but neither should you go for the least expensive.

What could go wrong if you buy a cheap mount instead? The mount may be made of cheap materials that are not strong enough to hold the weight. You may also find that the joints aren’t strong enough to last years of usage. After a while you might notice your TV mounting weakening and risking your TV falling.

Pay attention to the materials you use

When mounting your TV, the quality of the materials you use is also important. You must choose materials that will ensure your TV is mounted securely and that everyone in your home is safe. Consider the following:

  • Do the screws support the weight of your TV?
  • What is the reputation of the wall mount that you selected? What do users say, for example, about their experiences with it after years of usage?
  • Is your stud finder reliable? If your stud-finder is not reliable, you’ll need to make sure you are mounting your television to the stud you actually see and not what you believe to be a stud.
  • What materials are you using? For example, is the size of the screws and anchors you use compatible?

Don’t wing it

You shouldn’t try to install your own TV on a wall by simply watching a YouTube video. Don’t guess what materials you will need either! Installing your TV incorrectly is the best way to end up with a damaged television, a hole through your drywall and possibly even injury! It may appear “simple” to set up the TV and install your mount, but this is not what it appears. There are many things that can go wrong.

Do you need assistance from a professional tv mounting service?

Installers can help you if you are looking to hire a professional to tv mount installation in Auckland. We’ll schedule an appointment right away with one of our professional installers!

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