Finding a reliable tree service will make it easier to deal with any tree problems. If you want to find a service that will remove a dead tree, or move a tree in your yard to another area, these tips can help you.

1. Create a Plan
A tree removal contractor is similar to a remodeling contractor. It can be useful to imagine how your landscape will look once your tree service has been completed and tell your potential tree service provider. This could include removing one tree or more, or pruning trees to improve their health and appearance. It’s not necessary to be an expert, but knowing your goals and having a clear understanding of them is essential.

Prepare to tell your arborist what you want them to do. Use your initial plan as a guide, even if the company has additional ideas.

2. Ask Neighbors and Friends
It is better to hire a professional tree service than do the job yourself, due to the dangers of working near power lines and structures. It is also important to note that felling a large tree requires a lot of knowledge and skills to complete the task correctly.

Ask your friend who has a beautiful oak tree, or your aunt who’s always renovating her yard for tree services. You can ask them who they hired, what they did, if they would recommend the company, and their experience.

3. Get Three Estimates
It is best to get at least three quotes before hiring any company for a job inside or outside of your home. All service companies know you will be comparing prices and they are competing to win your business. This practice is widely accepted, so there’s no need to feel bad about choosing someone else.

Get three quotes from companies who are willing to visit your home to assess your trees, answer all your questions, and offer any advice you may need.

4. Check Reviews and Referrals
Request referrals from the tree service companies that offer you an estimate. You can ask each referral to tell you about their experience with the company. Ask if the yard was left clean after they left.

5. Verify Credentials
You should ask each tree service you interview about their credentials. The credentials of professional organizations can help you determine if the tree service that you are considering is professional and has invested the money and time to train and educate its staff.

Search the website of the certifying body to verify the credentials. Credentials of tree service companies include ISA certifications, Certified Tree Care Safety Professional certificates, and Tree Care Industry Association accreditation. It is common for companies hire at least one International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist.

6. Check your insurance and licenses
There are several rules and regulations that apply to tree service companies. Tree removal companies might need to have one or more licenses, depending on where they are located.

State Business License

Local business license

Contractor license

Registration of local or state companies

You can check the license of any company you are considering on a state or municipal website.

Ask each tree service to provide proof of insurance. This includes general and professional liability, as well as worker’s compensation. Some states require tree services to be both insured and bonded.

7. Get Quotes on Writing
Accept only written quotes from your arborist or tree service. You’ll need a written agreement for even a small project. Unexpected circumstances can alter the scope of a project. You can avoid unpleasant discussions and save money by having proof of the contract you signed with the company. Communication is key.

8. Avoid Abnormal Price Quotes
Prices that are too good to be real probably are. Services that charge more than their competitors must have a valid reason. Tree services that are legitimate must safeguard themselves against losing money in the event of an unexpected event. However, the buffer price included in the estimate needs to be reasonable and logical.

While hiring the company with the lowest price isn’t necessarily a bad idea, you should be cautious if your sole criteria for hiring is cost.

9. Be Careful in Emergencies
You may feel vulnerable if you require emergency tree service, especially following a disaster. After a storm, it’s common for less-than reputable tree service providers to knock on your door to try and sell you their services. Do not fall for the salesperson who talks fast.

In the event of tree damage caused by a storm, you will need to contact your homeowners insurance. Call your insurance company to find out which emergency services they recommend. This will help you avoid being trapped by the situation or feeling rushed.

10. Pay in Full Upon Completion
Wait to pay a tree service until they have completed the work. The majority of reputable tree services won’t require payment until the project is completed. You may be required to pay a deposit in some cases. For example, large landscaping projects. You should not pay the final payment until you have inspected the work and decided that it is up to your standards. For more details –

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