We tend to focus more on the interior design of our homes. It’s important to us that our home represents who we are, but it is the exterior of the house that makes the first impression on the viewer. It is difficult to choose the right exterior paint color in India because there are so many factors that affect it. Here are some tips to help you choose the right exterior paint ideas for Indian homes.

1. Combinations

Stick to one or two colours for the exterior walls of your home. More colors can make the house look cluttered. You can use different shades of a colour if you think that one colour will make the house look monotonous. These combinations also add appeal to your home.

2. Choose Your Colours

Avoid black and other dark colors when choosing exterior paint colours. These colours are dust-absorbing and require frequent repainting. It is best to mix a light shade with a dark color. Dark colours can be used as a way to emphasize the most important features of a house.

3. Durability

The durability of paint colours will be determined by the type of exterior house painting color used, regardless of the colour. High gloss paints do not suit exterior paints, despite their durability. Satin and eggshell paints are ideal for exterior wall painting because they are durable and easy to clean. These finishes will also enhance the exterior paint color ideas.

4. Nature’s Effect

It doesn’t matter what colour or finish you choose for your exterior walls. They will only look good when they blend in with the surrounding environment. People who live in hilly areas and near the ocean should take more time to choose their exterior wall colour. The exterior wall paint chosen should match the mood, climate and background of the house. Cool colors are best for house painting ideas in hilly areas as they suit the climate and greenery surrounding the house.

5. Attraction

Your exterior is what people see first, so it’s important that your paint colors are eye-catching. Bright colors instantly add appeal to your home. Brighter colors are the most popular exterior paint color ideas because they catch our eye from a distance.

6. Create A Theme

It is helpful to have a specific idea in mind of what you would like on your exterior walls. It is helpful to have a theme in mind when you are working on your exterior. This will help you come up with some great exterior paint color ideas.

7. Exterior Furnishing

The exterior paint colors also require some furnishings to enhance them. It is more interesting to decorate the exterior wall paints with other furnishings than just the door. Furniture should match the exterior wall colour scheme.

8. Painting Season

Paints for exterior walls have a greater lifespan if painted during certain seasons. No matter the type, quality, or colour of exterior wall paints, they require a certain minimum temperature in order to be painted. The summer is the best time to paint exterior paints as the temperature will allow the paint to dry properly. You will have to redo your painting if you paint the exteriors in the rainy and winter seasons.

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